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Eileen Cry Ab it shirt

I find it great that our jokes and worse puns contexts connect to a Eileen Cry Ab it shirt level and I’m amazed that we can develop mirror mecanisms that fast, along with the mind reading/sentences ending/words finding skills. It’s a relief when the only thing I need is to talk to you and make us hot drinks to make my thoughts clearer and have some rationnality and kindness (yes you’re kind and sensitive. Don’t deny it. You may not see it as it may not be the typical “kind and sensitive” ideas peoples have but you are. In far more subtle ways than INFPs tho that said pissed INFPs are cold bitches and average INFPs are pretty fond of the “introvert” aspect of their introvert feelings so you won’t know who we are before you mentionned the former syphilis worms and medieval tortures) injection to get over whatever is a burden in my life.

Eileen Cry Ab it shirt(Eileen Cry Ab it shirt)

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Vandancing with the Stars shirt – Limotees


Vandancing with the Stars shirt – Limotees

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